Our Vision

Dancers For All Ages

The Bridge For Dance offers educational outreach for public and private school students, teachers and dance educators, as well as other organizations.

We believe dance as a kinesthetic practice can have a valuable influence on dancers of all ages by stimulating our mind and body connection with a unique and exciting movement experience.

Our programs help develop awareness and support of dance and artists by promoting connections between dance, our community, and educational systems. In many cases, our work with students ties in directly to class curriculum.

We offer a wide variety of outreach programs at affordable rates to schools and organizations. We utilize various dance forms such as ballet, tap, modern, jazz and hip hop.



Field Trips

We can work directly with schools, parents, or teachers to bring students to our studio to participate in classes/workshops and observe classes or professional rehearsals.


In-School Workshops/Assemblies

We bring professional dance educators and/or dance companies to the school/organization for performances and/or workshops.



As part of our thriving community, we will be sharing links to a diverse group of affiliated organizations that promote creative arts learning including local schools and businesses.

For more information, please call us at 212.749.1165.