Felicia Limada

Felicia Rose Limada, or simply referred to as Limada, is a New York and Trinidad & Tobago based performance artist. As a freelance dancer and spoken word poet, she has produced and directed one-woman shows entitled The Undisputed Trilogy in New York City. Her one-woman performances explore the themes of love and loss, generational ties, and the reality of living as a black millennial woman in this present time. 

She has dance training under the names of Cassandra Phiffer, Deborah Zall, and Obediah Wright and has performed works by Michael Leon Thomas as part of The Alvin Ailey Extension program. In addition to her dance training, Limada has experience working in other artistic fields such as writing, modeling, and photography. 

Her most recent accomplishment was starting her own small business, Rum + Lime Events; an event company solely dedicated to hosting gatherings pertaining to the interests of underground New York City artists. By providing social mixers, dance workshops, pop-up fashion presentations, listening parties, and more, Limada’s company caters to the diversity and the needs of these artists to help expand and solidify their crafts.

Limada has participated in pageantry and holds the titles of Miss WIADCA 2017, Miss Caribbean United States 2018, and 2nd Runner Up Miss Jaycees Queen 2018. She is also the first US delegate to have placed in the top three of any international Caribbean pageant in existence. Limada continues to push, promote, and be in service to West Indian and Caribbean culture in New York City. 

Limada holds a B.A. in Journalism from SUNY Purchase College. She continues to freelance artistically with plans of enrolling into graduate school for a M.F.A. in the Performing Arts. For more information and to experience her work, visit www.limada.biz.

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Fiona Oba

Fiona is an associate of the Royal Academy of Dance and holds a BA (Hons) in Dance Education from the RAD/University of Bath. She began her training in Tokyo, Japan under the direction of Mikio Ikehata and continued at The Ailey School. As a dancer, she has performed works by choreographers including Alvin Ailey, Paul Taylor, Robert Battle, Elizabeth Roxas, Jacqulyn Buglisi, Alison Cook Beatty and Darrell Grand Moultrie among others. A graduate of The Ailey School where she was a scholarship recipient, she is well-versed in various modern dance techniques in addition to ballet and tap. She has taught at schools including International Ballet Academy, Greenwich Dance Studio, The Ailey School and The School at Steps, and has been on faculty at The Bridge For Dance since 2014. She has also taught for educational outreach programs through Goddard Riverside Community Center and Alison Cook Beatty Dance. Fiona has worked as assistant to choreographers and directors including Jacqulyn Buglisi for Buglisi Dance Theatre and Carolyn Adams for the New York State Summer School for the Arts, School of Dance. Outside of her educational work, she is a dancer with Alison Cook Beatty Dance in addition to being a certified Pilates instructor.

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Asha Sienkiewicz

Asha Sienkiewicz: Director of Emotives, wanted to create something unique and versatile. She has a passion for teaching all styles and levels of dance from young dancers to adult dancers, professional or those who just love to dance for fun! Asha believes in a strong foundation in technique, proper form, and a good attitude to create ones unique artistry. She has danced around New York City and as well in Vegas as a performer in all styles and takes all experiences to form her style of teaching for others reach greatness in their own art. 

Her creative process in the art and life experience led her to a more raw contemporary, profound, and edgy style that she wants to bring to the surface of the world. 

Her company, EMOTIVES shows strength, passion, grace, emotion, realness, and depth in the movement that creates a story. This was the beginning of “EMOTIVES DANCE”

There is a reason for every moment in time and in life whether its this world or another. 

Emotives brings those moments to the stage in real time. 

With the raw talented artists of free energy and Fire, EMOTIVES will become something new and different in the world of dance. Asha is honored and passionate about sharing the beauty of this art of dance to all at Bridge For Dance! 

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